Emergency Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services

Water damage is always an unexpected event, and it can be devastating. This kind of damage generally occurs during a flood of some kind like a broken water pipe or natural disaster. Certified professionals like Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs, Inc. are the sure cure for many of the problems that are left over after your possessions have been soaked

There are some really good reasons why anyone who is met with this kind or problem should hire a certified professional like Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs to help mitigate the water damage.

The first reason and perhaps the most important is that professionals at Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs, Inc. are trained in how to detect and deal with contaminants such as mold. Black Mold that is left behind after water has entered a home is not only unsightly; it is also unhealthy for those who live in the home. When the spores of black mold spread throughout a home there is an even larger issue to deal with, and that does not have to be something that can only happen during a storm.

A slow drip from a broken water pipe that goes undetected somewhere in your home can bring on the devastating effects of mold. Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs, Inc. recognizes when something is amiss and knows how to clean it up properly without spreading it through the entire house.

Since we have received training in our trade, you can expect that when you call us in to clean up your water damage we will follow state regulations concerning the service. These regulations are there to help protect the health of all parties involved and should never be worked around. When hiring Guardian you should always ask what regulations are involved in your situation.

During the process of water damage mitigation Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs, Inc. will first remove the water using specialized equipment and then will sanitize and deodorize the affected area. We will go through the affected contents to determine which ones can be saved and which cannot. Once this evaluation process is completed we will then dry, sanitize and deodorize these as well. it can take a few days for things like electronics, furniture and books to dry sufficiently enough to be returned to your for use again.

One of the most important functions of expert water damage mitigation professionals like Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs, Inc.  is to make sure that your floors are completely dry so that rot will not set in. With the advanced technology available to them today, this should be no problem unless the situation has been left go too long. In that case there may be little that can be done to save your belongings and parts of the building.

With appropriate water damage mitigation service you will be able to avert any possibility that secondary damage may occur to the contents or your home or the structure.

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