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Guardian Fire, Water, Storm Damage, and Mold Restoration Services

Fires, Leaks, Storms and Mold are no stranger to Tallahassee, Florida. Sadly neither is the damage to your property that they cause. Every year thousands of homes in Florida suffer damage from Fires, Plumbing Leaks, Storm Weather and of course with water comes MOLD damage. Some of this damage is minor and of course some of the reported damage is quite severe, resulting in millions of dollars in insurance claims.

Chances are if you are reading this right now, you have just under gone some type of storm damage and are looking for answers on what to do.

1. Do Not Panic

2. Contact your insurance agency as well as a Damage Restoration Company as soon as possible

Most insurance policies will require an adjuster to come to your property to survey the damage done, but the insurance companies adjusters are looking to save money on claims and often times will conveniently miss some damage and these damages can cause further damage to your home later on. A trained expert from a Damage Repair and Restoration Company such as Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs, Inc. can provide you with an assessment of storm damages and work with your insurance adjuster to make sure they see and report all damage done to your home. Sometimes the insurance adjusters just miss the damage due to not having as extensive training as private companies dealing strictly in damage repairs. Sometimes they miss damage just to minimize damages.

It helps greatly to hire a damage restoration company which has excellent working relations with insurance agencies, such as Guardian Home Inspection & Repairs, Inc. of Tallahassee, Florida located in Leon County. An very important thing to remember is your insurance adjuster works for the insurance agency, NOT YOU, while you may have a insurance policy and be in good standing with your insurance agency, it is in the agencies best interest to minimize any claims, while your damage repair and restoration company which you have hired to perform a damage assessment works directly for you.

As a leading disaster recovery contractor in the greater Tallahassee Florida area we also provide the additional services of cleaning up mold damage, restoration from fire damage, basement flood damage cleanup, flood restoration and cleaning for commercial and residential customers.

It is also important to secure your home after any major damage. In fact many insurance policies will require this. Broken windows will need to be boarded up, as well as broken doors or any free open access to your home. This is to prevent further damage by adverse weather to your home as well as to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your home and sustaining an injury in which you and the insurance company would be liable for. You also want to take an inventory of any of your personal possessions and belongs which may have suffered any damage, even items which have only sustained minor damage should be reported.


Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs, Inc of Tallahassee, Florida Leon County and all surrounding counties (i.e. Gadsden, Wakulla, Jefferson, Bay, Etc.) specializes in all sorts of damage to your home, and we are a Florida Certified Building Contractor. We have over 30 years of extensive experience in construction, damage repairs and restorations related property repairs and clean up. We will gladly work your insurance company and help you in the filing of any claim that you may have at your option. Because we know that quickly addressing your damage is of the utmost importance to our family of customers, we are open 24/7/365. Guardian is also committed to customer satisfaction and we maintain a record of excellence in this regard,. If you have suffered any type of damage to your property, home or business, call the damage repairs and restoration professionals at Guardian for your FREE damage assessment.

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